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A History Of Richard Williams’s Spouse And Love Life! 

Becoming Richard Williams’s spouse would have meant tennis and nothing but tennis. But that assumption would be quite wrong as the man self-taught himself the game well into his middle age just to train his teenage daughters after watching Romanian tennis champion Virginia Ruzici win $40,000 on television. It was only the mother of Serena and Venis Williams who had the most tennis-oriented husband. A spouse who would be gone for long hours and days. On the other hand, Richard Williams’s spouse before and after Oracene Price got a different side of the equation. Let’s look into this more clearly with this article about Richard Williams’s wives. 

Richard Williams’s Spouse: Who Did He Marry? 3 Wives!

Who is Richard Williams?

Father of tennis players Venus Williams and Serena Williams, Richard Williams is both loving, excessive, stubborn and sometimes submissive when the hoodlums of Compton, a suburb of Los Angeles, come to provoke him near the court. But he was also a man who had prophesied everything. Two years before the superstar girls of women’s tennis were born, he had written this method and went to see Oracene, his current wife, to tell her that they were going to have these two children who would become the best tennis players of all time – a true visionary. Any free time he had with his wife, they both discussed tennis intensely preceding the birth of Venus and the couple despite entering the unknown, formed together in that time frame. 

Over the years, judgments were mixed on what Richard Williams imposed on his daughters: endless training in all weathers, discipline at all times. But it is clear that not only were all the members of this blended family behind the project (the other siblings of Venus and Serena were asked to accompany on the court and pick up the balls until nightfall). Luckily, the two budding champions took immense pleasure to hit the ball, even claiming these sessions as a fun activity! 

Richard Williams’s Spouse Number 3: Lakeisha Graham (2010–2017)

Richard has been married three times and the third time, he married Lakeisha Juanita Graham in 2010. Lakeisha Graham was barely a year older than Venus Williams (a 37-year age difference).

Although had five children from his first marriage to Betty Johnson, he had Dylan in 2012 from his last marriage to Lakeisha. Additionally, he also had a fourth son, Chavoita LeSane, out of wedlock which is maybe why in 2017, Richard and Lakeisha divorced.

Richard Williams’s Spouse Number 2: Oracene Price (1980–2002)

Marriage and step-children:

Richard met Oracene “Brandy” Price in 1979 and wed in 1980. Oracene also had three other daughters from a previous husband who had passed away by the time she met Richard. Yetunde, Lyndrea and Isha Price are Serena and Venus’ half-sisters and they have always been very close. Although they had been living separately since 2000, Richard and Oracene Price divorced two years later in 2002. 

While they were married, Oracene Price’s three other daughters (born with her former husband Rasheed) were also subjected to the harsh love of their stepfather. According to The New York Times, Richard admitted to raising his daughters “like they lived in the 1950s” and imposing “old-fashioned values” on them, which were instilled in him by his sharecropper father. Despite this the three step-sisters actually helped them practice and achieve their lofty athletic goals.

Oracene helped in training her daughters:

While Richard was with Oracene, two years before the birth of Venus and Serena Williams, their father Richard had tackled a game plan accompanied by a career plan to make his two unborn babies the greatest tennis players in the world.

Equally surprising in the Williams family story is that during the two years before Serena and Venus were born, Oracene, Richard’s second wife, was formed, along with her husband to become a tennis coach. All this, assuming, like her husband, two jobs at the same time. Even during the famous movie with Will Smith we see that there is faith at the heart of it all. The beauty of this family and this story is that Oracene is the anchor of the family on the level of faith and Richard the vital force.

The Williams family moved to Florida thanks to an offer from Rick Macci, who offered the sisters a free training program.

Price’s coaching career has been overshadowed by her role as a mother. As a trainer, she was not a coach in the traditional sense (although she learned tennis herself to help her daughters learn the technique of the game). She and Richard Williams kept her daughters focused and disciplined, helping them build a foundation of self-esteem. She also took care of developing the interests and education of her daughters. 

Venus and Serena Williams are often described as composed women under pressure who owe their self-confidence to their mother. As Price said: There is no such thing as pressure. As black Americans, that’s all we’ve ever experienced. This is the life of African Americans. So where’s the pressure? This approach was linked, according to renowned tennis coach Nick Bollettieri, which meant that neither mother nor father raised their voices to their daughters. 

Richard Williams’s Spouse Number 1: Betty Johnson (1965–1973)

Richard and Brandy were seen fighting in the King Richard movie and during an argument with Richard Williams, the wife mentioned that he had another family before this one. Richard was actually married 3 times. His first was with Betty Johnson. Together, they had 5 children: Sabrina, Richard III, Ronner, Reluss, and Reneeka. (Richard Williams’s first wife also had another daughter from a previous relationship). 

Richard Williams was married to Betty from 1965 to 1973 and they lived in California until Richard Williams fled from his responsibilities as a dad. 

Does Serena Williams have another sister?

Few athletes are as iconic and revered as the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena. The sisters have become synonymous with tennis, winning tournament after tournament, collecting countless trophies, and setting incredible records along the way. 

Most interestingly, the sisters who are mistaken for being the only two siblings are actually two of five sisters! It’s true: Growing up, Venus and Serena were raised alongside three other siblings — Yetunde, Isha, and Lyndrea whose father was Yusef Rasheed. 

Yetunde Price

Sadly, Yetunde, the eldest of Oracene’s five daughters, was shot dead in 2003, in Compton, California. “Anyway, my sister won’t be coming back,” Serena shared her grief over Yetunde’s passing. As you can tell, Yetunde and Serena were super close 

Speaking with People in 2007, Serena admitted that talking about her sister Yetunde Price’s death was “still hard for [her] to talk about.” “She went on to reveal how strong their bond was, telling the outlet, ‘I don’t think I ever really cried the right way…Yetunde and I were that close; she changed my diapers. ” 

As the magazine reports, Price was a mother of three, a nurse, co-owner of a hair salon, and occasional assistant to Serena and Venus. Along with keeping up with their schedules, she also traveled with her sisters to various events, including Wimbledon, but ultimately preferred to stay away from the spotlight. In an official statement following Yetunde’s death, the family said: “She was personal assistant, confidant and advisor to her sisters and her death leaves a void that can never be filled.”

In Serena’s eldest sister’s honor, the sisters opened the Yetunde Price Resource Center in Compton in 2016. The resource center aims to help families and children affected by trauma. 

Serena stated to the Los Angeles Times; 

“We really wanted to honor our sister’s memory because she was a big sister, she was our older sister, and obviously she meant a lot to us, and it meant a lot to us, to myself and to Venus and my other sisters, Isha and Lyndrea, that we wanted to do something for years in memory of her, especially the way it happened, a violent crime”. 

Isha Price

Isha Price is a lawyer. In fact, she handles many of Venus and Serena’s affairs and business transactions. In fact, during the movie for King Richard, Will Smith publicly praised this sister for showing up and overlooking the set every single day. 

Isha Price revealed to The New York Times that her stepfather always made sure to involve her and her sisters Yetunde and Lyndrea in all the hubbub. The girls were accused of handling the tennis balls their two half-sisters hit, putting them in the ball machine, and then picking them up.

“It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized our lives weren’t what other people considered normal,” Isha said, recalling 10 p.m. the bedtime that was imposed until the age of 18, and their lack of friends.

Instead of spending time with their peers, the five sisters spent most of their youth together, sleeping in a room with only four beds. Serena, being the youngest, changed berths regularly, but it was clear she had a favorite, as Isha noted that young Serena “looked at Venus so much that she was Venus.”

Lyndrea Price

Lyndrea has a penchant for fashion and also works in the family business but has had to work hard to get some of her own spotlight. 

She works for merchandising as a creative production stylist in Serena’s clothing line, S by Serena, but if you were to take one look at Lyndrea Price’s Instagram account and you’ll quickly notice that her feed, as well as her biography, has nothing to do with tennis.

Out of the shadow of her famous sisters, Lyndrea Price had to build her own career in the area she is most passionate about: fashion.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she studied information systems at Howard University and began her career as a product placement supervisor for New Regency films. She then became a fashion designer for various brands, including Beats by Dre, and worked with a host of magazines, such as Essence and People, as well as the costume departments of various television studios.

Lyndrea Price spent a decade in the fashion industry and left to create LP Enterprises and began working as a brand developer, helping new labels come to life. According to her Insta bio, she is a “fashion creative production stylist.” She has helped launch many brands including LDA by Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Beta Unit menswear line and Ember Lynn Designs – a high-end plus size brand.

Sabrina Williams

Venus and Serena’s half-sister Sabrina Williams, a hospice chaplain, went on a public rant about her father. Sabrina claimed that Richard was unaware of his first family. Sabrina was eight years old when Richard, then a stepfather, left his mother and their five children. He never came back after he left the house to buy her a bike.

When Sabrina’s late mother battled cancer in 1998 and the family ran out of money, Richard didn’t offer help with medical care. Sabrina said she’s only seen him a handful of times.

Although she went through tremendous hardships growing up, Sabrina said she would never trade her life with Venus and Serena. While tennis stars have taken the world by storm, Richard’s other children struggled to survive after he left, Sabrina said. The elder sister also said she only met Venus and Serena once when the tennis players were teenagers. They met by chance at an amusement park in California.

Does Serena Williams have a brother?

On her father Richard Williams’ side, Serena has three half-brothers. They are Richard Williams III, Ronner and Dylan Williams. Additionally, Serena has two half-sisters through her father: Reneeka and Sabrina Williams. 

Sabrina opened up about Richard abandoning her family in the interest of Venus and Serena’s careers. Additionally, she also criticized the film for glorifying “a deadbeat dad.”

After two strokes in 2016, Richard Williams was placed in Chavoita’s custody and has been there ever since. LeSane owns his own media production company.

Where did Venus and Serena grow up?

Despite the sisters being born in Saginaw, Michigan, the family moved to Compton, California when the children were very young. In fact, their father, in an interview with The New York Times, claimed the move to Compton was deliberate. Richard wanted his daughters, especially Venus and Serena, to “see all the harm that could happen to you if you don’t get an education.”

As a result, he moved his daughters to Compton, a supposedly hostile neighborhood while Oracene Price and her other children stayed back. At Compton, Williams saw tennis as the most realistic chance for his daughters and family to escape poverty and the ghetto.

How did Serena Williams’s older sister die?

The Williams family experienced tragedy on September 14, 2003 when Yetunde Price, Venus and Serena’s older sister, was killed by a bullet that allegedly passed through her car window and struck her in the back of the head.

Price’s fiance, Rolland Wormley, was driving the car and recalled details of the crime to the Los Angeles Times, saying (via People ), “I see the back window is smashed. I looked to the right and I said, ‘Baby, are you okay? I looked at [Price] and there was blood everywhere“. 

Serena Williams’s older sister who was just 31, was taken to hospital and pronounced dead.

The details surrounding the fatal shooting are shrouded in uncertainty. Some witnesses claimed that an altercation between the two parties took place before the shooting. Prosecutors argued it was a gang-related murder, and The Guardian reported that Yetunde did not receive immediate medical attention because “her companion, a known criminal, took her away. places “.

The drama continued during sentencing. Robert Edward Maxfield, an alleged member of the notorious Southside Crips, was tried unsuccessfully for murder twice before finally pleading ‘no contest’ to manslaughter, a lesser charge. In 2006, he was finally sentenced to 15 years in prison. In March 2018, the perpetrator was granted parole, released, and then arrested a week later for violating his release conditions.

What is Serena Williams best known for?

Serena became the first Williams to win a Grand Slam singles victory at the 1999 US Open after defeating Switzerland’s Martina Hingis. Between victories, injuries, discouragement and perhaps sometimes a drop in motivation, the sportswoman remains THE emblematic player who sets the pace on the court. Between the US Open, Wimbledon, the Australian Open and Roland Garros, Serena Williams has won everything and would be only one victory away from Steffi Graf’s record. 

Serena Williams and her sister Venus began playing tennis at a very young age and were able to garner national attention as young tennis prodigies. But at that time, it was Venus who had the most victories to her credit. The competitive sisters were also rivals on the court. In 1998, then 17-year-old Venus and 16-year-old Serena faced off in what became an unforgettable match at the Australian Open.

Venus had dominated her younger sister, winning the match in straight sets. She continued her winning streak in their rematch at the Italian Open. At that time, all eyes were on them. The young tennis prodigies of the era won one championship after another, sometimes as teammates. Together, they have won 22 doubles titles, including 14 Grand Slams.

Serena didn’t hesitate to admit that she revered her big sister to the point of copying her in many aspects. During the 2012 documentary “Venus and Williams”, she said: “I mean, her favorite color was my favorite color, her favorite animal was my favorite animal, she wanted to win Wimbledon, I wanted to win Wimbledon.”

What is Venus Williams best known for?

Venus William, the eldest, is the first African-American in history to reach the rank of the world premiere in February 2002. In total, she collects the titles, in singles or doubles, during the Grand Slam tournaments and the Olympic Games. Victim of an injury to the abdomen, Venus would not regain her great shape and would become irregular until her activity time. 

Her number of participations in tournaments was reduced, but she came back in force in 2005, 2006, and 2007 and became number 2 in the world rankings in 2010. After new health concerns, in particular the discovery of an autoimmune disease, Venus Williams participated again in the Grand Slam tournaments in 2012 but the results are not convincing.

How much are the Williams sisters worth?

Sisters Serena and Venus Williams are superstar athletes who took the tennis world by storm when they were just teenagers. Today, they have a total of 122 singles titles, including 30 Grand Slams, in addition to having spent 330 weeks at the top of the rankings. They also both finished the season in the Top 10 on 10 occasions (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2015). Together, they have 14 Grand Slam doubles titles, 3 Olympic gold medals and have been at the top of the specialty rankings for 8 weeks. They are 14-0 in Grand Slam doubles finals and have lost just one final on the WTA Tour. Even when they weren’t the favorites in a tournament, they were the toughest team in the draw.  

Venus and Serena have reached heights unmatched by siblings. They are the first, and only, to have occupied the first rank in the world and to conquer several Grand Slam tournament titles in singles and doubles. Their exceptional tennis skills have also earned them a colossal fortune. Their combined earnings amount to more than $175 million, which places them among the wealthiest athletes in the world.

On an individual scale, Venus’s net worth is estimated to be around $95million while her younger sister Serena’s net worth is estimated to be around a whopping $210 million, according to The Sun. 

Final conclusion:

All in all, The story of Richard and this entire family is a fine example of the American dream because hardly any other place on earth could help flourish Serena and Venus’s fate and mental attitude. 

Although sometimes fate doesn’t align properly, their father Richard William shows us that there is the strength of the human spirit. This is the kind of sportsmanship, determination, and will that can overcome circumstances and that brings hope to each of us, especially those of us who are trying to be the best version of ourselves. 

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