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Why Has Online Sports Betting Become So Popular?

Online sports betting has emerged as an alternative to gambling or a pastime for millions of sports lovers worldwide. With skill and intellect, the wagers make serious money besides enjoying the changing game dynamics in real-time. In most countries, sports betting is regulated by supervisory authorities, which further ensures responsible gambling.

But, with many bookmakers available online, financial manipulations have also become quite common and accessible. Many popular companies have started working on the internet to offer gamblers money if they could predict match winners ahead in a remote fashion. On the other side technology and advanced statistics have equipped wagers to predict better than ever before. While online sports betting has both drawbacks and benefits, its popularity is growing each day at an alarming rate.

What is live betting?

Gambling and sports betting have been recorded since the Greek Olympic Games in ancient times. With time, betting has become more like arithmetic as bettors use various statistics and facts before placing bets. A few years back, betting was not about keeping a track of moving odds in real time but more like predicting ahead of the game. But with technological advances, the betting form has shifted from traditional bets to online betting where wagers get a live update on the events they seek to bet upon. Now with online betting being more popular, many casinos and sportsbooks have started offering online sports betting options to keep up with the gambling industry.

How has online sports betting changed the gambling industry?

Online betting and live betting have changed gambling styles to a great extent. With several bets that can be placed during an ongoing event, wagers are provided with many options to win big. They can even place bets on odds or the number of fouls in a match which was previously very rare. Since the odds keep changing constantly during sports events, live bettors can now respond to the game appropriately and adapt their betting techniques accordingly.

Live betting has been indeed legalized in many countries but has also become a matter of concern for many. This is mainly because of match-fixing issues set by bookmakers who control the betting limits and changing odds. According to the Forbes article, “recent research suggests that gambling problems may increase as sports gambling grows explosively at the same time that mobile and online technologies evolve to create seemingly unlimited types of wagering opportunities.” The article further stated that:

  • It is estimated that online sports bettors face more gambling issues than other gamblers, and their problems increase with each bet they make.
  • More than 45% of sports bets take place online. It is problematic, however, since online gambling is available everywhere, making it convenient for gamblers.
  • Advertising and aggressive marketing for promotions make it difficult for sports bettors who try to minimize their stakes.
  • Young people are more vulnerable to sports betting and 75% of students gambled as per 2018 reports.

Why are live sports betting so popular?

Easy to access

As compared to the past century when bettors had to travel to distant places so that they could place a wager on their favourite sports, online sports betting has removed such barriers. Travelling far away places proved difficult for many while long queues proved very frustrating and thus were avoided. But with live betting, bettors do not have to find a place to bet or need time to travel rather they can do so from their comfort zone with the help of a computer or mobile phone having data connectivity. Moreover, keeping a record of bets made or online account has been made easier as compared to keeping receipts that can get lost easily.

Changing trends

One reason why online sports have become popular can be attributed to social media platforms where thriving wagers put their story about victories or how they made money from live betting. Losers seldom share their story but winners mostly do and influence the community to gamble like them. Modern life has also made people less tolerant to wait long for big money. Instead, they look for ways to win big in a short time and what can offer better than betting? In fact, a recent trend shows that many people who did not like betting in the past have started taking an interest in sports betting to be a part of the modern community.

Several betting opportunities under one platform

Online betting has so much to offer that even an amateur player could place a bet easily. The betting sites provide users with insightful information and resources to predict competitive odds and win prizes easily. They also offer bonuses or free cash to spark an interest among new players.

Non-players can participate in their favourite games

While most people dream to play like their favourite sports players, they cannot play due to various reasons. With online sports betting, the players get to see live matches and predict the odds live which makes them feel like a player psychologically. Overall, live betting seems welcoming to the new players and with plenty of support received from bookmakers, they get through the process quickly.

Opportunity to earn within a short time

As the world is becoming more tolerable of gambling and open about it, many professional gamblers have emerged who have made their career out of wagering. Many sites are also taking several steps to ensure responsible and safe gambling besides offering loss limits and insurance. We would never encourage you to leave your job to become a gambler but you must try your luck during past times. Maybe someday you win a jackpot that becomes a life-changing event for you!

Global Outreach

As you know many sports are not available in all the countries worldwide. What if a person wants to bet on an NFL game from a country that does not host NFL games? Live sports betting removes this barrier and now, any person can bet on any event, provided sports betting is legal in their country. The sports community further provides a real community environment with live chatrooms where players connect with others having similar kind of interests.

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