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Jayson Tatum Girlfriend: Who Is Toriah Lachell?

Jayson Tatum is one of the brightest young superstars in the NBA. He plays very well on both ends of the floor and is one of the most dominant two way threats in the NBA. He really came into his own during the 2022 NBA Playoffs as he led the Boston Celtics to an NBA Finals appearance against the Golden State Warriors (which the Celtics lost 2-4). Even though Jayson Tatum suffered defeat in the Finals and underperformed, he still has a bright young career ahead of himself. Jayson Tatum also has a famously cute son Deuce Tatum who is usually present on the sidelines. Jayson Tatum had Deuce Tatum during his relationship with Toriah Lachell. We will find out more about her in this post. Let’s get started.

Jayson Tatum Girlfriend: All You Need To Know

Who is Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend?

Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend and his baby mama’s name is Toriah Lachell. She also works as a hairdresser. Though Jayson Tatum has been linked to several women in his life, he has never publicly acknowledged anything. Toriah Lachell is the mother of Jayson Tatum’s son so she is better known. Toriah Lachell went to a beauty school in Boston and has made a successful career as a hairdresser. She is also an entrepreneur who owns The Curl Bar Boston hair business. She has described herself as a curl specialist.

Of late, Jayson Tatum has been linked with Ella Mai and model Bella B. However, as has been the cse with his life so far, Jayson Tatum hasn’t issued any confirmation regarding the matter. Ella Mai is an English singer-songwriter who has received three Grammy nominations, one of which she won in 2018. 

How did Jayson Tatum meet Toriah Lachell?

Growing up in Creve Coeur, Missouri, Tatum went to Chaminade College Preparatory School. He met Toriah Lachell in high school and dated her throughout. During Jayson Tatum’s first NBA season, Toriah Lachell was pregnant.

Who is Toriah Lachell’s son?

Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr, nicknamed ‘Deuce’, is the name of the son of Jayson Tatum and Toriah Lachell. He was born on December 7, 2017. Jayson Tatum was just 19 years old at that time. Deuce Tatum is very well known for appearing repeatedly on the Boston Celtics bench as his father’s biggest fan. He is perhaps the cutest cheerleader an NBA player can have. He has even made appearances in the Celtics locker room and its video went viral. 

When was Toriah Lachell born?

Toriah Lachell is just 22 years old. She was born in February 2000 in Missouri, United States. Coincidentally, this means that she gave birth to Jayson Tatum’s son when she was just 17. Toriah Lachell’s mother’s name is Julie Gibbs and her father’s name is John Gibbs.

How did the relationship between Jayson Tatum and Toriah Lachell end?

Jayson Tatum and Toriah Lachell were high school sweethearts. However, their relationship ended when she was pregnant with Tatum’s child while he was already seeing someone else. Toriah Lachell gave birth to Deuce Tatum just two months after Jayson Tatum started his NBA career. Childbirth didn’t turn Tatum and Lachell back into a couple but they have successfully managed to be co-parents to Deuce Tatum. 

What is Toriah Lachell’s net worth?

Toriah Lachell is estimated to be worth $400,000.

Is Jayson Tatum already a superstar?

Named to the All-NBA First Team for the first time last season and at the heart of the Celtics’ magnificent run to the NBA Finals, Jayson Tatum has taken another step toward the elite. But to truly catch up, JT knows he still has to go one step further, both physically and in terms of consistent performance.

Needless to deny the obvious, Jayson Tatum’s first NBA Finals fell short of his immense talent, and it marked a rather abrupt end to the many feats the young superstar from Boston accomplished during 2022. 

Against the Warriors, JT in general fell short: clumsiness, tiredness, frustration. These are terms that come to mind when we replay Tatum’s games in our heads. His scoring ability has been known for a long time, but it is his ability to create plays that has allowed him to change scenery. Less predictable and more versatile, Tatum has shown that he is capable of fully taking on the responsibilities of a bonafide superstar. Until he gets to the biggest stage of all. Jayson’s next goal is to avoid the few glitches that sometimes plague the best players and above all, be physically prepared to last from Game 1 of the regular season to a possible Game 7 of the NBA Finals. This is what Tatum said: “I need to start better. To do this, my body has to be at its maximum from the beginning to be able to dominate night after night. That’s what the best players do. I take care of my body, I have changed my diet a bit because if you reach the final you have to add two more months of competition. Make sure you’re well prepared for it.”

Unlike last year’s Tokyo Olympics, Jayson Tatum will not be competing in any international competition this summer. It is an opportunity for JT to finally have a break, since he is the player with the most minutes in the NBA since his arrival in March 2020. This will lay a good base for the next campaign, especially since the injury in his right shoulder – which bothered him during the 2022 Playoffs – seems to be a thing of the past. 

Fortunately, Tatum will return in mid-October with a lot of energy and with the knife between his teeth after last June’s disappointment against Golden State. A mix that could well propel JT to the category of MVP candidate. Especially if the Celtics can live up to the high expectations around them. The current roster has a lot of weight with the arrival of Malcolm Brogdon in the offseason. It can look anyone in the Eastern Conference in the eye and the group has gained experience thanks to the great run of the last Playoffs. It’s a great way for Jayson Tatum to have a breakout season, and it’s up to him to do what he has to do to break it all up.

Is Kevin Durant on the way to Boston?

Although the rumors of a possible transfer of Kevin Durant to Boston are still valid, Jayson Tatum prefers not to pay too much attention to them. He knows his personal goals and he knows what his team is capable of. From there, there is not much to think about, just work to keep growing.

The great figure of the Boston Celtics is at a pivotal moment in his career, facing the possibility of being one of the best players in the league.

There is no doubt that Jayson Tatum is one of the best players in the world. At 24 years old, he can say that he played in the Playoffs in the 5 seasons in which he participated in the NBA. In his rookie year, he reached the Eastern Conference Finals against one of the best versions of LeBron James ever seen. He made it to that stage another time and was eliminated once in the First Round, once in the Semifinals, and once in the NBA Finals, last season against the Golden State Warriors.

Yes, Tatum is one of the best players of his generation. Chosen in the third position of the 2017 Draft, his performance went from low to high in the Massachusetts franchise. The young man who played at Duke University is leading one of the most important franchises in the league. In fact, he tied Larry Bird for the most points scored in a game by a Celtic, with 60 points. However, the only doubts that the forward leaves are his uneven and unstable performances in some games, although that is changing more and more.

What are some major criticisms of Jayson Tatum?

One of the criticisms that Tatum always received was that his level dropped considerably during the postseason. That could be seen in only a few games in the last Playoffs, but in general, he had brilliant performances. In addition, statistics support it in this section. Only Kobe Bryant and LeBron James surpass him in the most points scored in the postseason before turning 25, with 1,693 points and only playing 74 games.

Tatum spoke with the press and said: “I learned that I am 24 years old and that I am one of the best players in the world so that I will compete against anyone and I will take on this challenge”, taking charge of the pressure he has to be the leader of his team at such a young age. Michael Jordan, LeBron, Durant, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird himself were the stars of their teams before they turned 25.

Is Jayson Tatum one of the best young players in the NBA?

The NBA seems to be on the hunt for young idols and it seems that we are witnessing the growth of one of the best generations of recent times. Ja Morant, Luka Doncic, Zion Williamson, Trae Young, and Tatum are examples of great young players who could become superstars before long.

What is Jayson Tatum’s problem? With all those stats and the experience he has in the postseason, it would seem that he has the league at his feet and he should be on the way to becoming the top star in the NBA. However, what separates the stars from the superstars is the ability to handle the pressure in the most challenging moments and how they perform in the last minutes of the most memorable games.

Did Jayson Tatum choke in the NBA finals?

During the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors, Tatum felt the pressure, something that didn’t happen to proven players like Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. This is reflected in the infamous statistic that the figure of the Celtics had: 4 turnovers in the 104-94 loss in the fifth game of the NBA Finals series, the forward became the player with the most turnovers in only one postseason in the league with 95 losses, that is, an average of 4.1 after playing 23 games.

Few stats speak as much to pressure and nervousness as basketball turnovers, and Tatum knows it. “It hurts to lose like this. Being in this group, the things we’ve overcome throughout the season, getting to this point. Just knowing how badly we wanted it and coming up short. We lacked poise. It’s a terrible feeling.” said the Celtics star in the press conference after losing the final.

If we take what happened to the great stars of the NBA, they all had failures that made them stronger or an opponent that brought out the best in them, as in the case of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain or Curry against LeBron. In this case, Tatum’s main rival in the following years will be his head. 

If the 24-year-old knows how to handle the pressure, the flashes on him, and the significance of his mistakes, he can become one of the league’s biggest stars capable of leading a contending team. His talent, his numbers and his experience in important games back him up.

“I feel like there are a lot of things I could be better at and I think that’s the most exciting part. I know where I am and that I can go much further. I can learn much more and I will have to go through many more experiences, ”he also pointed out in the interview. After leaving his shoulder problems behind, Tatum has everything to become the best player in the NBA.

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