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Taylor Fritz’s Wife: Who Is His Ex Raquel Pedraza, The Fellow Tennis Player? 

Back in March of this year, Taylor Fritz put an end to Rafa Nadal’s unbeaten streak in 2022. The Spaniard faced a 24-year-old American who, despite his age, has lived a life full of intensity that has caught the attention of many people. After twenty games won, the tennis player from Manacor lost 6-3 and 7-6 in the Indian Wells Masters 1000 final against the youthful athlete born in California. Taylor Fritz had previously established himself as a good player in 2020 and a year later he entered the Top 30 of the world ranking, something that positioned the now 12th world ranker as just a great international tennis prodigy. While this was all going on, Taylor Fritz’s wife ended their marriage. Here are some facts about Taylor Fritz’s love life and career comparisons between himself and fellow tennis player Raquel Pedraza. 

Taylor Fritz’s Wife And Why He Divorced Her (Plus Career Comparison) 

Taylor, who is considered one of the most attractive tennis players with his brown hair and exquisite height, has a spectacular girlfriend: the social media influencer Morgan Riddle, 24 years old. She is a beautiful woman, with blonde hair and clear eyes, who has returned the illusion to the American after her breakup with fellow tennis player Raquel Pedraza, with whom she has a 5-year-old son.

Who is Taylor Fritz?

American professional tennis player Taylor Harry Fritz was born on October 28, 1997. The highest singles ranking of his career is the Professional Tennis Association (ATP) world number 12 on July 2022. Prior to this, he won the junior singles title at the 2015 US Open and finished second in junior singles at the 2015 French Open, and reached the final. 

Who is Taylor Fritz’s wife Raquel Pedraza?

She is a former American tennis player and Raquel Pedraza played her last match during the 2015 Australian Open. She was formerly known as Taylor Fritz’s wife. Raquel Pedraza was born on January 28, 1998, so she is currently 24 years old which is the same as her former husband Taylor Fritz. 

Married at 18:

At 18, Taylor married his then girlfriend, Raquel Pedraza, who was also a professional tennis player. After a few years of their relationship, Taylor proposed to Raquel under the Eiffel Tower in Paris and recorded the event on his twitter with the captions: She said yes! 

On July 7, 2016, they finally shared the wedding knot at a church in Rancho Santa Fe, California which is the birthplace of the tennis player. Shortly after the two decided to be parents and she ended her career to focus on her vocation as a mother. The same year he got married Taylor participated in Roland Garros and a year later he began to face the greats of this sport. For three years their relationship was perfect, but in 2019 they decided to divorce for reasons that have not gone beyond the private sphere. 

Already a father of a 5-year-old child and divorced:

In tennis, if you’re good at your game, you’re always on tour, and Taylor Fritz was a rising star competing in every major tournament which is exactly where he saw his career going. On the other hand, he is very fortunate to have his ex-wife to help him co-parent while he goes to achieve his dreams. The child in question is the one he shares with his ex-wife, Raquel. The tennis-playing couple welcomed their son Jordan Fritz in January 2017. 

During one interview Fritz said, “Nothing has changed since I became a father. My wife Raquel has really stepped up and she’s just doing an amazing job because my dream is to be the best tennis player I can be… It’s really amazing that she’s there.”

After Fritz’s marriage to Pedraza ended in December 2019, it was tough to get in touch with his son as often as he wanted. So, during his 2020 quarantine, he finally managed to spend some quality family time with his son.

In a chat with a certain Magazine, the American tennis player said: “I took about a month off to do nothing and I felt like I really needed it. I haven’t had time like this for five years. And when I say nothing, I mean I didn’t play tennis or coach. Instead, I spent time with my son, sleeping, and playing video games”. 

Who is Taylor Fritz currently dating?

In just a year after his divorce, the tennis player announced that he had rebuilt his life with the model and influencer Morgan Riddle. She often uploads beautiful, alluring, sexy photos and videos on her social media platform, so she has been able to gain many fans – 97k followers to be exact. The influencer who is currently dating Taylor was already well known on social networks, but the blondie became especially viral on TikTok when she made a video of a day with her boyfriend, where she kind of made it official.

A social media presence has thus become an extension of the American tennis pro. On his Instagram account and other social networks, you can see how both travel the world competing and supporting one another. Many supporters, broadcasters, and fellow followers of the influencer have highlighted that, since Taylor began dating her, his social networks and his appearance are much brand and sponsorship oriented: he wears expensive brands and shows his great lifestyle on social networks. 

Taylor Fritz vs Taylor Fritz’s Wife Career Comparison:

Taylor Fritz was a child prodigy and so was Taylor Fritz’s wife: 

His parents introduced him to the sport from an early age and eventually encouraged him to compete professionally. His mother was the one who was most determined that it be his job, although both have advised him and advised him to make decisions throughout his short but successful career. 

On the other hand, Taylor’s ex-wife, Raquel, is an American professional tennis player. She came into this world on January 28, 1998 in Fountain Valley, California, United States of America. She is known to have played many mixed singles and doubles in her short career thus far.

Taylor Fritz’s family tree vs Raquel Pedraza’s family tree: 

Fritz was always passionate about sports and from a very young age was encouraged by his family to reach the top. There are many values ​​that the tennis player has and not all of them revolve around competition. For him, family and love are two very important things in life. 

Taylor Fritz is the son of former tennis player Kathy May (No. 10 in 1977) and player Guy Henry Fritz (he reached 3 quarter-finals in doubles in 1977, 1978 and 1979). His father G Henry Friz was a professional coach and came to be listed as the best coach for the Olympics. His uncle also belonged to the world of tennis as Taylor is also the nephew of Harry Fritz (finalist in Lagos in 1980). Taylor’s mother Kathy May (who would later change her last name to Fritz) was the world’s 10 ranking among women in the late 1970s. She also played in the quarterfinals of Grand Slam tournaments. 

On the other hand, former tennis player Raquel Pedraza was born to her parents in the USA in Fountain Valley, California, on January 28, 1998. Although her father and mother’s names are unknown, we know that she is of mixed race. Raquel Pedraza was born to a Mexican father while her mother is from New York and is an American. The bi-lingual tennis star has a brother as her sibling. Please note that Raquel Pedraza’s brother is also a Tennis player. 

All in all, it looks like the children came from tennis loving families, especially Taylor Fritz!

Where is Raquel Pedraza now?

In love with fellow American and longtime tennis girlfriend Raquel Pedraza, Fritz married when he was 18. Pedraza has played in all four Grand Slam tournaments, but where is the former female tennis player now?

As of now, the former tennis pro has always tried to stay away from the media spotlight, so there is no information about her personal and professional life. Raquel was pushed to the media’s spotlight because of her ex-husband’s meteoric rise to fame. 

Since the end of her previous marriage to a renowned tennis player, fans have suspected that she has someone special in her life. It is very natural for people to assume such things, especially when one is a young celebrity.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. After her divorce from Taylor Fritz, Raquel Pedraza has not unleashed any courtship rumors with anyone. That is the reason why it can be assumed that she is possibly single. Also, she seems like she is busy with her busy schedule and concentrating on her career. Raquel Pedraza has not been seen with any man that we can suspect is her new boyfriend. Her social media accounts don’t give us any clues either.

Where is Taylor Fritz now?

After a break in the season associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Fritz, however, failed to build on success: in both remaining Grand Slam tournaments (Wimbledon was canceled), he lost, as in Australia, in the third round, and in smaller tournaments he did not get past the second one. However, by the end of the year, he only let a few opponents go ahead, finishing the season in the top 30 rankings.

Immediately after that, at a tournament in St. Petersburg, for the first time in a season, he made it to the final, where he lost to Marin Cilic. At the Masters tournament in Paris, Fritz beat an opponent from the top ten (Andrei Rublev) for the third time in a year, but in the quarterfinals he was stopped by the future champion – Novak Djokovic, who occupies the first line in the ranking. In early November, the American climbed up the rankings to 23rd place, finishing the season in a record position for himself.

At the Roland Garros tournament, he won with difficulty in the first round against the Argentinian Santiago Rodriguez Taverna in five sets, and was eliminated in the next round by the Spaniard Bernabé Zapata Miralles (6-3, 2-6, 2-6 , 3-6), from qualifications.

He begins the month of June by playing the Hertogenbosh on grass. He lost in the first round in three sets against the Dutchman Tim Van Rijthoven, 205th in the world and future surprise winner of the tournament45. He was eliminated the following week, also in the first round of the Queen’s tournament against guest Jack Draper (3-6, 2-6)46.

Just before the English Grand Slam, he reassured himself about his level of play and won at Eastbourne against his compatriot Maxime Cressy, (6-2, 6-7, 7-6)47. This is his second title in this tournament after that of 2019.

At Wimbledon, for his first quarter-final in a Grand Slam tournament, he fell to Rafael Nadal (6-3, 5-7, 6-3, 5-7, 64-7).

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